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I’m certainly not surprised that your eye-rolling scorn is aimed at anyone criticizing you. You literally wrote a polemic with a fat shaming gay joke; you called Asians, “Orientals;” and you threw Indian Uber Drivers into the mix. To be fair, it was in response to some pretty caustic criticism, but you definitely did not use the, “they go low, we go high,” theory of debate.

It is certainly not my fault you missed this and it is certainly not on me to fact check your work or provide evidence for your claims. You want to prove the SciBabe wrong? The burden of proving it lies squarely on your shoulders. And I will absolutely concede that SciBabe got things wrong. You want to prove Chiropractic adjustment is a viable medical intervention? It’s time to pony up the peer-reviewed evidence.

But, here’s the easy bit, just have to actually click a couple of links. Links you might have considered clicking before you wrote this.

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