If you’re so obsessed with the hustle that you can’t let yourself stop, I’ve got bad fucking news…
J. Westenberg

I have no idea what the games are, I struggled with Galaxian in 1980.

I do know anyone who works 24/7 isn’ working effectively.
I do know anyone who says they give 150% is full of BS.

I have an idea that HUSTLE in reality is what it sounds like CHEAP.

I know the best hustlers and prostitutes and drug dealers.
I know the best entrepreneurs have an industry not training entrepreneurs.

THIS is a wonderful post, last year it was shown that general workers in more than one European country produced better work for the same income over a 6 hourday rather than an 8 hour day.

So how effective can anyone be over 18 hours?
Yeah yeah yeah you know they scream I’m ok.
The best can be seen in their vlogs looking like death walking.

You’ve nailed it Jon, I personally have never really had a job that was regular and my children 23 and 29 both know me. I’m not an amazig parent I’m a parent and grand parent but what I am is there for them.

You are right about the loved ones not knowing these stressed people who work to retire but die of boredom when not working.

Life is worth living not working.