My Two Cents on Instagram Stories and the Evolution of Social Platform
Gary Vaynerchuk

IG stories is all things to all people as Liz points out below — personally it’s amazing for reasons connected with the community i began in 1983 — what I’d say to all is never love one platform or space more than another and think you have it sussed so you never openly learn new ways to use it/them.

People will always migrate like they did from pen to print and print to screen — ignore the headless chicken trying to make a video tutorial on How To do it best, you should be able to go to their story and see what they say daily. It’s so intuitive and like the best intuition it’s known to it;s users [300 million daily] already.

All that said things will change just be the skater or surfer who likes falling off so she can try and fall off better next time — if you don’t want to fall off and get hurt trying new things then close the door……

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