Instagram SO social are YOU

Instagram is more engaging and time effective than other Social media platforms, so why are many businesses and specifically marketing/design agencies still not showing clients and contacts how visually engaging they are?

I’ve been using Instagram since 2012, with over 1.2 million post likes in the past 2 years and 10,000+ followers through natural and organic activity.

I’m here to help you build relationships one by one to create a connected community that genuinely stays close to you and your brand.

I’ll show you how to use what you know to get the most out of Instagram.

Here are some of the latest developments: 
This week Instagram started to roll out a Live stream function. 
Last week Instagram added ways to tap to like and reply on comments.
Three weeks ago Instagram added disappearing group or single DM’s. 
In August 2016 Instagram added the stories function.

More eCommerce features will be added to posts soon. 
Live links other than the bio link from story posts soon.

Launched in 2011 Instagram continuously moves it’s customer experience forward, if you’re still not using Instagram you will hear more and more about it in 2017 and why over 500 million people use the app each month, uploading 40 million photos daily.

It genuinely takes the SOCIAL out of SOCIAL MEDIA and makes it relevant for so many people who engage and enjoy being engaged through personal or business profiles.

Instagram is a mobile only app, there is some desktop functions but the real activity can only be done through your phone app. This makes it your visual and creative ID, in your hand or pocket for you to post and engage anytime.

With all the latest features covering every aspect of online activity needed from live streaming, documented daily content creation to direct messaging for you to connect with the people who matter and those who are yest to find you.

I’ll help you get the most from Instagram, call me now let’s work together.

Mark Longbottom