This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week
Benjamin P. Hardy

love songs on repeat now I know why

I fear for Gary Vee, he does inspire for sure but sadly looks like a dead man walking too often — it’s a choice lifestyle and nobody can knock him for it or the achievements. I’ve seen him on Snapchat with his kids and talked about their fridge drawings but the balance seems like work hard and retire.

Old skool or maybe I’m wrong but seen so many do that and they can’t stop working, and then they die just leaving money to those kids. Not saying that’s how he works at all.

I’ve got nothing but have health, lack the competitive edge but feel blessed to know so many creative people globally who I’ve been connected to but not met since 1983.

We all have ways of doing things, I think you are so right about how we can get more from our time.

At least most people now know multi tasking isn’t proof of ability :)

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