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Need to return to read in full and watch the video, like the A team — so I found Snapchat at 51 and smile when so many say it’s for young thingies. I LOVE the way young people have shown older people what they always wanted SOCIAL MEDIA to deliver as they always said face to face is best and where’s the word of mouth.

Well here it is on Snapchat, some people just don’t like being judged all the time when they post online but do want to interact with people globally. This has to be the most sociable platform closely followed by Instagram.

I do think there are too many talking heads still telling people how to use it — and many of them are speakers who do speak back but then go quiet if yoou’re not buying into them ‘unsociable’

It may not bring sales but it will deliver the most amazing customer service possibilities — people need to go figure that and scale up or down and be accessible.

It’s basically giving people an opportunity to interact, I’m finding my way with it, to do what I feel is me. So along the way will be mistakes and not so many selfies as I don’t go out much due to being stuck in a bubble my parents left me inwhen they questioned where I’d come from and if I was actually theirs….. we need people to be creative online and not just stick to rules that branson, gates and jobs threw up long ago ;)

Great post