social media and the SEX PISTOLS

Social media influential in adding value to human communication aided by technology, the Sex Pistols influencers of global cultural shifts still being seen today.

People are always jumping on the fast moving trends, fashions and bandwagons, trying to understand them, trying to cash in. Yet always succeeding in making things unbelievably complicated connected to their own fears of missing out.
Of course there are genuine people ready to share their experiences and knowledge to help others develop what they’re doing and what they believe in. By building collaborative relationships and communities naturally, the risks are not eliminated but found, dealt with and overcome together.

There is still a definite need to relax and take risks. The first risk is simply being true to you; those doing so are generally the people who are influential and inspiring to others who believe in them.

Don’t judge a book just by the cover
Unless you cover just another
And blind acceptance is a sign
Of stupid fools who stand in line
 The Sex Pistols, Lyrics from EMI

The Sex Pistols didn’t last long but had a massive influence on people being independent and creative which can be seen throughout the world today. What they did gets regurgitated within the fashion and music industries regularly, always throwing up gems along the way.

Should you really just continue with what is accepted standing inline waiting for someone else to dare take a risk, or should you enable people to become more engaged and engaging with you and what you are doing?

Social media is the most basic and effective form of communication? With nearly 4 billion people online it would be surprising to find a business that has no reason to use the internet.

The risks should be taken now, creatively and technically otherwise the next generation won’t be influenced or inspired. But just be seen chasing trends rather than creating them.

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