Who do you get most value from people you know or your followers?

We’re all constantly bombarded online with requests for payment to promote our activity so that we reach wider networks and communities. The benefit being that they may want to know more about us and what we do.

So what is the advantage in knowing your information is in front of mass audiences?

Or would it be better to place it in front of specific people?

Paying to promote is likely to result in more followers.
Strategic activity is likely to result in sociable interaction.

Neither of the above statements is right or wrong.

People are followers and our followers are people, often we are made to believe a high number of followers is a sign of importance and influence. We trust those closest to us, who we are loyal to and are likely to believe them over a brand or organisation.

This trust and loyalty is part of a relationship culture that connects people in communities both physical and virtual and has done for thousands of years.

It’s like influence, we look to those we know, like and trust. So when asked who are the most influential people in our lives most will say parents/friends/family over motivational speakers.

Followers do have value we can benefit from, when we think of them as people and not numbers that value will be superior and ultimately supportive at times when we need to feel we aren’t alone.

So there is no need to buy or trade likes and followers there is though a need to be actively engaging and sociable. We don’t need to be loved, hearted or liked by everyone, we never have and the internet and social media hasn’t changed that.

We do need to spend sometime thinking about who we want to talk to, listen to and learn from.

Making activity on and offline more strategic enables some random things to happen too, unlike when all our focus is on building a number of followers regardless of who they are.


I’ve spent the last 35 years, developing effective methods to attract attention with the focus being engaging sociable interaction.

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