The 1,000 Medium recommendations challenge
Aris Pilitsopoulos

Why not, although for me shorter articles work better- long ones need to be railed in - so if you have 26,000 on twitter did you log in with your Twitter account as any Twitter follower who’s on here immediately comes a Medium follower. Not sure if that’s how it should be as they’re different vehicles.

I like it here but probably find it harder to get followers but who knows, I’m going to write more but also comment more. That’s ones feature that in a similar way to Linked In - but not the same - helps you show up without having to blogblogblog.

I’m not so worried about mass following and never have been, always one at a time does it for me as they generally stay with you, I’ve had near 900,000 likes on instagram and not yet 8,000 followers but that’s ok as people can like without following.

Just needs to be relevant for you whatever you do :)

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