Why We Built A Social Media App Called Profilze

We built Profilze because it’s annoying to find each other online

Alright, have you ever experienced frustration when you’ve tried to look someone up? The other day I spent 20 minutes on Xbox live trying to find a friend with a wacky username when the process should have only taken 10 seconds. And this was only one instance; never mind the time I tried to find a friend’s Tumblr blog, those wedding pictures on Flickr, or searched up a celebrity wondering if their account was actually legit or just some fan page.

Here’s the truth. We all use a ton of social networks which scatters our pages. What we do is simple; we allow you to bring them together.

What else can Profilze do?

The Profilze dynamite is its browsing experience. You can browse someone on every network they use in 30 seconds and social apps open directly from a user’s page.

The other day I was driving and was feeling like some deep house music. I remembered my buddy telling me a while back about his SoundCloud page and how he loves that kind of music. Instead of opening the SoundCloud app and going through the search process only to find eighty other John Smiths, (and of course, I’m stressed for time using my phone stopped at a light) I just brought him up on Profilze in two seconds and instantly was on his SoundCloud. The next light I opened his Spotify to see what he had going on there. Cool right?

Ok, last one.

I am very OCD, I do not function if my ducks are not in a row. Now, if there is anything that I’ve realized over the past few months, it’s that we use a ton of accounts. I have so many I can’t even keep track of them which is a nightmare, but I actually use them. I use TripAdvisor and Yelp all the time but I never think of it.

Although it may sound unusual, simply seeing all of my profiles beautifully organized in one place brings me peace of mind. It’s like organizing your closet. Yes you can get by with your clothes on the floor and socks mixed in with your shirts but there’s something about opening a clean drawer or seeing your shirts in a color coordinated row.

What’s next?

Profilze is new which means a lot more is coming. We are only on your phone right now but a desktop version is in the works. We have our sights set on becoming the world’s go-to social database. Test out the app and tell me what you think!

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