Be Involved in Crowd Creating Video Games

How Plummet Free Fall Was Crowd Created

Plummet Free Fall was my first toe dip into the games industry. However since I can’t code or draw. I used the hyper-connectivity of today’s world by using Reddit, 99designs, Facebook and Elance to crowd create Plummet Free Fall. Using a combination of incentivised competitions and open ideation. This process cost $3,000 and took six weeks.

Plummet went on to become a #1 app in multiple countries (including Russia). Since then I have been inundated with people asking me how to turn an ideas into games.

So I have been focused on the vision of helping others achieve what I did with Plummet Free Fall by building a platform for crowd creating games called GameStarter.

Be Involved with Moscow Metro Dogs

Moscow Metro Dogs is GameStarter’s first experiment into crowd creating a game from ideation to end product.

We want to crowd create a smart phone game based on the metro dogs of Moscow which have learnt to ride the subway to get food in downtown Moscow and then ride the subway to get home to their dens.

Ever since reading a New Yorker article on the “commuter dogs” of Russia. I have been fascinated by the resilience, adaptability and intelligence of these dogs whom have figured out how to ride the subway in search of food.

Can see the article here

To be involved by in the crowd creating this game. Enter your idea for how you think this can a great game.



Vote for the best idea and provide feedback on how it could be improved

The best idea will be chosen to build the game upon this Friday on our twitch channel.

Limitations are evident with using surveys as soon as we got more the 5 responses the results page started to take a while to get through. A platform is in development sign up to be part of it at