Fitnesstrackers are on the run

Many sportsman and active people are into fitness trackers right now. But why would you use a fitnesstracker?

Well it helps you to keep track of your progress, gives you free workout trainer and tips and it supports you to stay motivated.

A fitness tracker supports you to stay motivated!

For example the Fitbit One is one of the most popular wireless fitness and sleep trackers that money can currently buy.

Fitbit One (Step Counter)

To know which device you really need you will have to compare the main features, functions, pros and cons of any fitness device out there. This is where we are able to help you. At we will guide you through our review and show you:

  • Box of the gadget
  • Show you the accessories which are included
  • Review the usability
  • Review of sleep tracking
  • How to use the smartphone application
  • What information you can track in your Fitbit dashboard