10 Best Articles on Writing of 2015

Mark Marchenko
Dec 29, 2015 · 3 min read

Missed them? We cover your back.

2015 was a great year!

Writepls, a curated list of best articles with writing advice for bloggers, entrepreneurs and professionals, was created and feautured on Product Hunt in March.

I launched a newsletter.

Later I transferred Writepls to Squarespace for better support and redesigned branding.

After that we launched a blog on Medium.

We are also putting a lot of efforts to make our Twitter account worth subscribing on. Please subscribe, by the way!

Now I’d like to share the best articles on writing through all categories you can find on Writepls, published in 2015.

They were written and published by different authors on different platforms, but all of them are must read:

“Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully — in Ten Minutes” by Stephen King himself. Actually, we started off with a little trick here: the original piece was written long, long ago, but as our friends from @A_WritersStudio republished this terrific article in 2015, it qualifies as a hit.

How I Got 6.2 Million Pageviews and 144,920 Followers by Ali Mese A detailed analytical article on writing a perfect blogpost that is doomed to be viral and make its creator famous. Made in a form of a practice case it is one of the best advice on both blogging and growthhacking we’ve ever read.

A Long, Lonely Road: Advice To New Writers by David Brin This is a manifesto that should be handled over to everyone coming up with the idea of writing a novel.

The One Score That Can Improve Your Writing With A Single Click by James Altucher The most reliable way to avoid sounding boring is to perform nude. The second best way is to keep an eye on the score described in this article.

You Must Learn How to Write a Damn Good Email by Lauren Holliday It can sound surprising, but the way you are writing your emails becomes sort of a next-level business card. People will judge you based on that. And the author of this article did a Damn Good Job by writing this mighty tutorial.

How to Write a Blog Post by Kevan Lee Learning from the best: step by step guide on writing an article from monsters of content writing, Buffer.

Why Starting a “Blog” is a Terrible Idea by Sarah Kathleen Peck And what you should write instead. The title is provocative, and it pays off: the article is about writing and publishing in the era of new media.

Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy by Jocelyn K. Glei We are all extremely busy. We are all overwhelmed with email. We still would love to be able to write emails quickly and precisely. Just read this article and count yourself ready for that.

How to make your own writing sound better without paying an editor by Belle Beth Cooper This article is dedicated to the most important process of writing after, well, writing itself (still arguable though). Right editing is what differentiates good and bad in the world of words. As for me, I am learning this essay by heart.

Guest Blogging Strategies that Helped Grow 36,733 Email Subscribers by Gregory Ciotti Read about the most effective and rewarding way to tell the world about your talent, skills and efforts you put into writing.

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