I considered majoring in Computer Science.
Mark Russell

Better imbibable fluids? Are you sure? I recall several after finals days where the computer lab just turned into party central. Since we had tables and a lot of floor space. We just put the computers away. A prof was “disappointed” in finding us collapsed on the carpet, asleep with cans, bottles and cups all over the place, the next morning when he had to turn in grades. Later, in our careers, it was the IT people that were the heavy drinkers, the math guys had one or two and went home. We arranged bus tours with softball and a lot of drinking involved since we didn’t have to drive. IT were the prime ski party organizers, some skiing/snowboarding, lots of drinking. We even arranged boat parties. No math guys wanted to join in, at least those that we invited, but lots of admin women.

Still contiues to this day, and I am also north of 50. The same thing happened to me, put the box on top of the car, ran and got the mail, put it in the house, drove off. But our card puncher could be setup to automatically sequence the cards (remember the far right side of the card?) So after you punched your cards you “sent” it back into the puncher and it would sequence your cards. So, my “mess” was put into the card sorting machine which read the sequence numbers and sorted them, I just had to orient them correctly, but since the corner is cut on one corner, it was easy to do. It was also the time that TSO and associated terminals started appearing. Each line was still called a “card”. Luckily after graduating, I got the new 3270 terminal that replaced the 2260 terminals, so now my “card” deck was lines on a terminal. But we’re still the heavy drinkers.