…what is time…
Hank M. Greene

“How could the photon exist in three states at exactly the same point in time…”

It doesn’t take much if you are conflating multiple frames of reference. Like the old high school physics issue of the ball bouncing on a moving train, where in the frame of reference, someone observing in the train, versus someone observing from the ground peering through the train and you see it travel a much greater distance than the observer on the train. The horizontal vector for the observer outside the train vs. lack of horizontal vector in the frame of refernce. Time for the ball and the observer outside does not change. So, effectivly a vertical only motion, or a horizontal and vertical motion at the same time. Possible.

From the photon leaving the photosphere of the sun, time is not zero for the photon. It was “born” in the core of the sun in the fusion engine of the sun and is “born” as a gamma ray photon. It can take anywhere from 10k to over 10M years to get to the photosphere. Most of the photons we see, began their journey from the core to the surface, before humans ever roamed the eatrh.

Time is totally a human invention. We have conventions, but that is so that we can talk about it. We need it to order our lives.

I don’t buy that entropy is time. Time is a totally human invetion. For true high entropy, the 4 forces make no sense. So, I don’t believe that entropy can be time

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