Why Liberals And Conservatives Have Different Views About The Value Of Science
Greg Fish

I’ve looked for the methodology behind the study, I can’t find it. It might be proprietary Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. algorithms. All of them get me wrong frequently (for Amazon, you can turn it off, but I left it on). I also don’t buy many science books, I rather spend my money on actual research. I pay about $300 annually for many hard science journals. I don’t like watered down general discussions, I want the math behind it. That fact that science is changing (improving) that by the time a book is published, it can be out of date. Like “For Women, how to get flat stomach and tight buns” or tiles to that effect, kind of ilk, when that doesn’t apply to books that I read. In other words, they’re wrong (about 90% of the time) more than they’re right. Books that I read for pleasure is of the action adventure fiction variety. Maybe that’s how it gets recommended.

There are things that I can’t find out, all I get is statistics that only show correlation but correlation is not causation. For example, “trans fats are bad for you.” Ok, I can live with that, sort of, but I want to know the exact biological mechanisms that makes the statement true. So, far, it is experimenting with animals and people, gathering statistics, but I’ve been unable to find the exact mechanisms that can prove that causality. Also, regarding sugars, from fructose, sucrose (which your body cannot use) it must be broken down into glucose. You don’t see the “high fructose corn syrup” in the Crebs cycle, but you do see glucose. So, how does your body “know” the origin of the glucose? Again, statistics, no, I want the hard science. Statistics don’t show the actual biological science. Maybe these exist but not a single medical journal explains it biologically and all people quote studies and their statistics but no biological science. Do you know any?

I enjoy reading about physics, astronomy, engineering, technology, math. I don’t care about the science whether it is useful or not, just my understanding of nature, the universe and including the subatomic (Standard Model). But I am a conservative and a conservationist (I’m willing to bet that I’ve planted more trees than you over the 4o years that I’ve been doing that, sometimes hiking miles, and improved more miles than you of trail so that off trail damage does not happen as much, removed invasive plants.) Hmm. Ok, I’ll accept that I could be the only conservative in the entire world that doesn’t buy your story.

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