Learning the digital basics
David Koff

Thank you for these articles. I’ve been the IT field for 33 years and if you include college, then more like 37 years. I’ve done everything except being a CIO or CEO.

I think that one of the commandments should be, never use an administrator or root or “super user” account as your regular account. Create one for your personal use that does not have administrator access and if you don’t mind it, turn on youth protection. This should be one of the first things you should o. The administrator login should be only used in extreme cases. This can prevent installation of software, but you shouldn’t be installing software regularly except at initial setup and will likely prompt you for an administrator login and password and it’s second step (you should already be on 2-Step Verification or 2-Factor Authentication).

Backups should be over emphasized. Over the years, I’ve seen many (like dozens) people breakdown to tears or passing out (I had to catch someones head once to prevent their head hitting the desk) when i fix their hard drive failure; because there is a high possibility that I’d replace it or at least re-format it. I tell them come back tomorrow with your backup. Then I get the blank stare, then the breakdown “it’s my whole life” and I have no backup. I try to get as much as I can, by trying a dissimilar platform. I can get some files from a Windows PC on my MacOS or a Linux machine, but rarely from a Mac if formatted in an Apple method since no other platform supports it. I’m sort of anal when it comes to my backups. Time machine or Windows 10’s built in version is always running with an external USB disk. On my main Mac laptop, it is done on more than one disk, I have 6 + one on-line. I also backup my iPhone and iPad to my Mac several times a day which then goes to Time Machine. An Apple tech once told me that Time Machine doesn’t backup the iOS files. Most people don’t like wiping their phones to test it out. I tested it out by using Find my iPhone. I needed to prove to myself that I could wipe it. Then I had to really think about how convince the tech that he was wrong. Unfortunately, he had already told a lot of people it was not possible, whereby they think that iOS is crap. All I could come up with is ask second line as he doesn’t really control his company issued Mac.