After Boy Scouts Admit Girls, Trump Says He’ll Attend More Of Their Camping Trips
Allan Ishac

That was hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Sorry, but I’ve got to add a bit of seriousness. In most other countries, including our great neighbor to the North, girls have been in the Boy Scouts across the world, including the country of origin, the UK. The BSA was the only one who discriminated based on gender, well, sort of. Explorer Posts and Venture Crews accept all youth aged 14 through 20 for years, and even Sea Scouts have always accepted girls as long as they were 14 through 20. (At 21 the youths age out but can remain as adult advisors). My son is a Boy Scout and my daughter is a Venturer, meaning they are BSA members. I am an adult leader and have been involved in Scouting for 44 years and myself am an Eagle Scout.

I am unclear why the Girl Scouts are angry, there is no rule on either side that precludes any girl from joining both. In fact in the Venture Crew where my daughter is a member, there are other girls who are (not were) Girl Scouts two with the Gold Award. So, they are in both the GSA and BSA members. Venture Crews where most boys are also Boy Scouts so multiple memberships are frequent. Although my daughter’s Venture Crew is STEM based, there is a Supernova award, the highest level (Einstein Award — which is college level STEM work, will definitely get you a scholarship to college, there have been roughly 3,000 people who have earned the Einstein Award have all have scholarships), is only available to Venturers, not the Boy Scouts. There are other Venture Crews whose focus is High Adventure (generally outdoor activities like rock climbing, and whitewater river rafting, etc.). The only thing was that girls could never be an Eagle Scout. Now, that has changed and I think it is for the better. So, now girls can achieve both the Girl Scouts’ Gold Award and also can achieve Eagle Scout. I’m sure that would look good on a resume or college application (not sure about this last part, lately — there are 50,000 new Eagle Scouts per year and in the top 6% in Scouting — the other 94% never achieve Eagle but 50,000 is not a small number, it’s not that rare).

I’m sorry, there is just too much poor reporting. Girls have been BSA members for years.

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