Why Clinton’s Slogans Failed (Hard)

When I first read “Love trumps hate.” I thought it was a non-starter. Like a “Doh” moment. “trumps” being lower case and no possessive, makes it a verb of the sentence, notice the period at the end. Like in Bridge, if you have a trump card in the suit of someone who won the bid, you can trump an ace of another suit. So, all I saw was love as more powerful than hate. While that might not be true (hate is quite powerful), it’s still an odd statement.

“ImWithHer” seems odd in itself. It reminds me of, “HE>i.” Because “Im” that is not the contraction of “I am”, it is clearly something else. Since “Her” is capitalized I read this as “Instant messaging with Mary (mother of God).” Or is the implication that Hillary is God?

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