My Name is Mark and I am the owner of SEO-BeastMode
I am a former Google employee and was on the SE X team. I learned my stuff from the ones that built the machine and now I am here to share it with You!

With the expertise and work drive of my team we will get you the best results possible.
Our HQ now is in N.Y.C. and all the work is done from the U.S.A.
My Team consists of 2 more former Googlers like myself and 5 hand picked genius coders that work really hard.

My Time at Google, Overall, Google is an incredible company to work for and learn from. You work alongside the brightest, and have the opportunity to learn and grow in a highly stimulating and creative environment. You can, however, feel like a hamster in a wheel, and like trying your hand at other roles, or looking to move up, can feel nearly impossible. The perks and co-workers make the job amazing. The hardest part is that you’re stuck in such a specific niche that can feel really boring, and under challenging after a while.