Intentional Ramblings

Upon reflection of 2016, writing is the number one thing that is holding me back. I’ve moved forward, planned and executed elswhere in my career. But to take that next step, I need to write more.

Writing is my number one goal for 2017.

I expressed my thoughts with Anthony Ongaro, who echoed the feelings. To move forward, we need to write.

At the beginning of the year, Anthony and I started a writing challenge.

250 words / day.


No Excuses.

Okay — some excuses. You get one day-off per week and fifteen vacation days over the course of the year. But at the end of the year, you should end up with over 150,000 words written. Not bad. The thing is, 250 is fairly simple to get to, so quite frequently you will surpass it. In July, the daily minimum jumps to 500.

So what have I been writing? Well, I’ve hammered through the first draft of a screenplay, and written a bit of a treatment for the next one. But — that isn’t ready yet. In the interim, I’ve been working on a couple short films but ultimately, I don’t have enough planned to start my next screenplay.

And since thinking doesn’t count as words on a page, that brings me to this. Intentional Rambling.

I frequently have random ideas for apps, board games, fixing or changing something, etc. Typically I annoy my friends and family about these ideas, but it doesn’t go anywhere beyond that. Today — I change that.

I want to start using some of my additional days to share other ideas or thoughts that I have. Most of them won’t be profound and likely none of them will be read, but I’ll use this as another outlet to share ideas.

I have no idea where this will go or what this will become, but bear with me.

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