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Ted Cruz blocked legislation that would fund the highly inconvenient and markedly second-rate replacement of a resource that the city and state poisoned. No mercy, no remorse, madly sanctimonious. Do the same to his community and family, he would deem it diabolical. The motto of his ilk: what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable.

The money Cruz denied would therefore have a) forced underemployed and struggling Flint residents to pay for safe water, in effect underwriting the gross or criminal negligence of their government, or b) if they had no money, in effect forced them to drink, cook with and wash with toxic and debilitating water that is presumably also fatal if ingested in enough quantity.

Cruz believes millions of citizens should have enabled him to run for President of the United States.

Did I miss some vital lessons in my high school and college civics and ethics classes? About responsibilities to one’s fellow citizens, about acting in good faith, about honor and compassion and doing the right thing? Did Cruz really believe he could generate a positive outcome for himself and for others from such anal negativity? Hey folks, want to live in a better, more equitable country? On November 8, V-O-T-E.