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My Second Time Was Really My First

Our Trixie is such a cute dog! Don’t you think Teddy? So, would you like to play with my pussy?” asked Mrs. Olinsky.

I was confused, I knew my best friend, Brian Olinsky, didn’t have a cat. As his mom took my hand and led us into her bedroom, disrobing on the way, I understood what she meant.

“Uh, Mrs. Olinsky, I’m still a virgin, so” stammering as she stripped off my blue and white striped boxers. She stepped back and slowly slipped off her red crotchless panties. Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed into a v-shape.

“Your eighteen right? Oh my, what a beautiful big thick cock you have! It’s never been touched or sucked by a woman, EVER?” She said then slowly licked her upper lip.

Brians mom was right, Maggie and I had been dating for only two weeks. We kissed for the first time three nights ago.

Mrs. Olinsky’s emerald green eyes sparkled as her gaze moved from my stiffening cock to my eyes. Her hands gently caressed my stomach, moving down to my thighs, just achingly close to my growing erection.

I wanted her to touch my cock so bad! It was throbbing so hard it felt like a fucking heartbeat. ‘It's Alive!’ popped into my mind. Not even my best masturbation fantasies came close to matching this moment.

“Yes, eighteen as of yesterday” my voice thick as she bent and gently bit my left nipple then my right. I groaned and started to grab her large perfect breasts.

“I bet you want to slide that gorgeous cock of yours between my breasts, put it into my mouth, feel your cum shoot all over my breasts, my face, my ass?”

She took a few steps back, turned around, bent over, spread her legs a bit as she grabbed her ankles so I could get an incredible view of her round tight ass and glistening pussy.

I could barely believe my eyes. I whispered reverently “Oh God, yes.”

Standing facing me, she placed my right hand between her thighs. My palm touched her already moist, warm pussy.

“Mmmm, that feels so good. I want that big cock of yours inside me, pounding away hard and fast! I know you can do that. What are you, 6 foot, about 180 pounds of solid muscle? I’m only five six one thirty, so I bet you could just take and throw me down on my bed, do whatever you want to me.”

As that image sprang to life in my minds (or maybe my cocks eye), my erection grew harder, bigger than it had ever been.

Her face and hands moved down. I thought she was reaching for my rigid cock, ready to suck it for all its worth. A bead of pre-cum oozed out.

As I felt her warm breath on the head of my cock, I moaned “Please oh please” Instead, just a finger length away she took my hands, looked up and said, “I bet you give a great massage”.

She laid face down on the right edge of her bed. Climbing into bed I knelt down on the left side, looking hungrily at her beautiful naked body from head to toe.

She murmured “Use the sandalwood lotion on the bedstand. Start on my shoulders and move down to my feet. I love having my feet massaged, and suck on my toes, that turns me on so much!”

I rubbed the lotion on her neck then shoulders, slowly moving down her back to her hips. She spread her legs and I started massaging her hot, wet, dripping pussy.

She groaned and said “ Put three fingers inside. Oh my God, that's it! Now taste me!” I put my trembling fingers, dripping with her love juices, in my mouth. , She tasted so good I wanted more.

“I want you to bury your face in my pussy, get your face all slick and dripping with my sweet juices.” In a flirty little girls voice, she said: “You will do that for me, won’t you?” God! That made me harder than ever!

She turned over, her pussy so wet and inviting the only thought in my sex fevered mind was to start licking, kissing and sucking her beautiful love mound.

Her slightly musky smell was driving me crazy with desire to eat her out until her head caved in. She smiled saying “You're not done with my massage yet young man! What about my feet, my breasts?”

I reluctantly moved back, picked up her left foot and started to massage it. “Ohhh, that feels so good! Now, suck my toes!” I did as she said. I was surprised at how much I was enjoying sucking her toes, licking in between them.

She used her right hand and fingers to rub her clit. Her moaning, low and sweet was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I could see her love juices flowing down her pussy as her fingers moved faster in tight circles.

She groaned “Oh God that is so fucking good!” I switched to her right foot and toes. Her hips started bucking a little, then more and more. She gasped” Don’t stop! Keep sucking my toes!” I alternated between sucking her toes and gently licking the sole of her foot.

Her moans grew louder, deeper as her hips moved up and down faster, harder in rhythm to her rubbing.“ OH FUCK I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK OH FUCK OHHH, YESYESYESYES!”

As her breathing slowed and moans subsided she brought her right hand to my mouth. Tasting her love juices off her long slender fingers, I felt my cock begging for mercy.

She looked at me with those beautiful lust filled emerald eyes and said: “That was fucking wonderful! Stop sucking my fingers and keep massaging.”

I lotioned my hands, my cock so hard and desperate for release I started to reach for it. “BAD BOY! Don’t you dare get yourself off! I will do that when it is time and not before! Understand?!”

Nodding I moved my hand away and started to massage her legs, thighs and her pussy. She was so wet, hot and slippery I hoped I could keep my cock inside her when the time came.

I moved closer to her and gently squeezed her breasts. She turned on her right side, whispered, “Come to momma big fella” opened her lips slightly and moved her mouth towards my wanting it so bad quivering cock.

Her left hand reached out and grabbed my shaft. She stroked it once towards her. “NOOOOO NOT YET!” I yelled and came as I had never cum before.

It was like watching a fire hose as the first huge load shot out followed quickly by another and another and another. ‘Damn! I am going to be a quart low after I’m done cumming’ I thought.

The first three loads hit her in the face and eyes so hard and quick she fell off the bed. She jumped up yelling “My eyes! I can’t fucking see! I need a towel!”

Running towards the bathroom, she bumped hard into the wall just to the left of the bathroom door. “SHIT!” She yelled as she stumbled backward and fell down, hitting her upper back and head on the edge of the mattress before rolling to her right onto the floor. “FUCK!” I heard her yell although I couldn’t see her.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Olinsky! Are you ok?! Shit, I bet that stung your eyes. Did it sting them? Wow! You hit that wall pretty hard, you ok?” My words coming out as fast as my jizz had.

Pulling herself up on the edge of the mattress she turned quickly and promptly stubbed her left big toe on the bed support. She yelled “FUCK MY LIFE!”, felt her way into the bathroom and slammed the door.

Not sure what to do I sat on the edge of the bed. Cum slowly dripped in long ropes out of my flagging cock onto her green shag carpet.

A minute later she opened the bathroom door and while wiping her face with a towel said, “ Go home Teddy, and don’t ever speak of this with anyone, especially Brian!” She slammed the door again.

I got dressed and walked home slowly, savoring the memory and wondering if I should call her to make sure she was ok. I did, she was.

The next night Maggie and I had sex for the first time. I was still a quart low.