And Many Become One, The Best of Both Worlds.

Based on responses from the survey that I posted about last month I am listening. I decided to combine many of the windows plugins into one plugin named Windows Internals and allow you to pick which artifacts to process. The artifacts that I chose to include in this plugin were the ones that did not have any options to choose when they are to be processed. The following screenshot shows which plugins were combined.

Windows Internals Plugin Screenshot

When I added all the different modules to one I did some cleanup to the code. I added the ability to add the artifacts to keyword search and update the progress to which plugin was running as well as making sure all the files that are created in the temp directory were actually deleted at the end of the run. In the near future I plan on making the same changes to the existing individual modules so that they are the same and function the same.

So for those that want individual modules to process Windows artifacts you have it. For those that want one module to process Windows artifacts you have it as well. The best of both worlds.

Thank you to those that responded to the survey, I will be looking at the suggestions for future plugins and seeing what I can accomplish. If you want to contact me to talk further about the future plugins you can email me, if you do not have my email address you can find it in each plugin.

Now you can find the new Windows Internal plugin here. Enjoy! As always feedback and comments welcomed and appreciated.