Learn All About Sink Drains with Mark Meersman

You have been on it for more than an hour and still have failed the millionth time to unclog it by far. This is one sink drain that has been giving you a hard time since morning and with your facial expressions, it seems that you’ve had enough from this stubborn little monster.

Understanding such category of plumbing industry isn’t hard enough for people as they have an internet access available on their phones and laptops. But at times sink drains turn out to be a complete mess and it is hard to get them cleared even after watching various insightful videos on the internet. This is when a professional needs to be called to look after the situation properly and help people get a new improved and cleaned sink drain.

These drains are easy to open until they aren’t completely stopped. But to open them you can either pour scalding hot water to get rid of grease buildups. In case, the water stays over the sink, then probably some object has clogged your drain. This means that you need to put in use an effective chemical drain solution that clears away all the things that clog the sink.

There are various things that you could think off that can help you clean the drain easily. But Mark Meersman, being the owner of a plumbing agency, speaks of some useful tools or ingredients that can help its clients unclog the sink drain. Some of them are also given below.

Use Plunger

Plunger should always be your first choice in case you have a clogged up sink drain. They are by far the best drain cleaning tool. But it is necessary that you invest in a plunger that covers the drain opening completely. Also, ensure to fill the drain up with enough water to cover the plunger cap. And, do not forget to use a plunger cap with petroleum jelly. It will help to ensure a tight seal.

Chemical Cleaners

Your next and final option should be to invest in chemical cleaners in order to prevent clogs. Clogs can actually lead up to damaged pipes and therefore having clogged drains are necessary to be cleared. But you need to make sure that you are not using a plunger while you already have poured chemical cleaner into the drain. Also, when pouring this chemical solution, ensure to wear rubber gloves because it does have the tendency to burn the skin.

Besides this, there isn’t anything to be considered while cleaning a clog. Mark Meersman though does suggest some safety tips like don’t mix chemicals. This is mainly because mixing acid and alkali can cause an explosion. And, also to not look in to the drain after pouring the chemicals because it will likely boil up and emit toxic fumes. For more information, contact his plumbing agency today!

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