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10 things

If you own a restaurant or any business for that matter, there will be difficult, stressful, soul crushing days. There will be days when it will seem like the world is against you. It will seem like no one likes or cares about you. Some days it seems like you are backed into a corner and there is no way out. I’ve had many of those days. There was a time during the summer, our slowest time of year when I was discussing with my wife how financially we were doing ok, not great but ok. As the words were coming out of my mouth the water heater located about 20 feet from our desk started leaking and we both looked at each other knowing we didn’t have the money to fix anything. When I called a plumber to get an estimate he told me about $7000-$8000, You could hear the sound of my hopes and dreams crashing to bits. But we somehow got through it. We went deeper into debt but got through it. It was a rough summer. I have had similar days since then. I’ve found a way to deal with these feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. I sit down, take a few deep breathes, try to empty my mind, and write a list. I write 10 things I like about my restaurant. 10 things that motivate me to keep going despite all the bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I have fun too, but sometimes those tough days can be devastating to your confidence and general well being. Below is my list. My wife’s name is Liz by the way.

  1. Liz’s smile
  2. Liz giving me a hug and kiss every day when I arrive or leave
  3. Staff meal with Liz
  4. Tasting wine and food with Liz
  5. Sitting across from Liz in our office so we can talk about things (money)
  6. Making Liz laugh
  7. Making Liz a snack when she is hungry
  8. Seeing Liz interact with regulars (lots of hugs and smiles)
  9. Manager meetings with Liz (fun!)
  10. Spending time with the only fucking person in the world that truly gets me but still likes me ( Liz)

That’s my list. If Liz won’t come work for you I guess you will have to find your own reasons to get you through those challenging days. I wrote this list in five minutes, during a day I felt like walking out the door and gettitng on a train to anywhere but here. We all have our reasons and inspiration for doing what we do, if it takes you a long time to come up with a list of ten things maybe time to rethink your business.

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