I’m An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I’m Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity!
Vidya Narayanan

Great article, and we need more women in software/tech to speak to this honestly like you have. After spending 20 years in this industry, working with 90% Asian, Indian and White male engineers, I believe that the change starts in education - as early as possible. But men and women will always gravitate to certain job preferences and we cannot fight those natural trends. I would love there to be more women in tech, and have tried to encourage my four daughters to go into it this industry, but no Software Engineer interest so far! But what the general public needs to understand is that a software development company has many different roles, and some of the roles seeing more and more female growth are in Project Managers, Product Managers, UX and UI Designers, Marketing Managers, and Sales/Support team members. With that mix of roles all working together to produce great software, I think we can get closer to a 50–50 split in sexes.

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