March 16, 2017 — Grateful for the Affection

​Some things can’t wait.

This “Closing in on -30-” blog about my cancer prognosis was supposed to be chronological, starting in October and taking several weeks of filings before becoming current.

But the reaction I received from the first post deserves immediate recognition. And thanks.

I’m not bragging about the number of responses. A couple of cat videos, a cute kid picture and a friend showing off new glasses all crushed me numbers-wise on Facebook.

But there were more emails and Facebook comments than I had expected, and they were more emotional than I had anticipated they would be.

They made me laugh, they wished me good luck, urged me to stay strong and have faith. But they also urged me to keep writing. I had been uncertain whether to publish this blog, fearing it was too public. The encouragement has erased those concerns.

Perhaps most important to me, however, these notes full of old stories and fresh compliments let my children see what people think of their old man. That part made me proud.