It’s my turn to announce that I have a book. It’s called “Three Cents a Mile.” Snazzy title, eh? And no, it’s not the best part of the book.

It’s actually a good yarn. Or a good listen. It’s published as an ebook and as an audio book. I’m particularly pleased with the audio book because I really wanted to tell the tale myself.

Listen to it on your commute, during long rides, while working in the kitchen, while falling asleep.

“Three Cents a Mile” is the story of how I hitchhiked and worked my way around the world. The trip lasted more than two years and covered more than 41,000 miles. It was hilarious at times, always fascinating, occasionally scary. I met world class eccentrics in Paris, the world’s best pickpocket in India, went through Iran during the Ayatollah’s revolution, laughed with a saint deep in a rubber plantation in Thailand, and checked out an opium den. Among all the jobs I did to keep going, I discovered the dirtiest job in the world has to be cleaning a carbon factory.

The book is also about my father, a handsome, charming man who would vanish for days, weeks, even years at a time. And when he was around, his behavior was unpredictable, switching in an instant from clownish to the original scary clown.

You can buy the eBook on Amazon, BookTango or Barnes and Noble, and the audio book

There is a web site if you want to see an interactive map of my trail, photos, and leave any comments.

I will try to not be too obnoxious about this book, but I supposedly have 177 friends on Facebook and several dozen followers on Medium. If each of you bought a copy…. Remember, you don’t have to actually read or listen to it. Just buy it. Or I will keep bringing this up.