Chicago QS Meetup: July 20, 2015

Great QS meetup last night! Thank you to all the presenters, you all rocked!

For those of you who couldn’t attend, here’s a very very short recap of the three talks. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to message the speakers through Meetup.

Paige, on lowering body fat % with DEXA data

Paige shared the lessons she learned from her DEXA scans. DEXA is a highly accurate measurement for body fat, lean mass, and bone density. The scans show this data broken down to each area of your body.

Paige used that data to decrease her body fat percentage. With multiple scans over the last couple years, she can visualize her muscle and fat trends over time. That data has helped her adjust her diet and workouts to reach the level she’s at today.

Learn more about DexaFit Chicago here.

If you’re starting a new workout or diet, contact Paige about a before/after scan. I’m doing that to track the results from 3 months of ARX workouts right now, which brings us to the next talk…

Jim Keen — Becoming jacked with ARX

Jim started doing adaptive resistance workouts on the ARX machine two years ago. After only a couple months working out for 8 minutes per week, he gained 7 lbs of muscle while losing 7 lbs of fat.

The ARX machine tracked and graphed his force output in real-time during the workout, providing immediate feedback on his training. The data allowed him to visualize his progress and, if his numbers dipped, immediately adjust his behavior (ie. improve his sleep, diet, recovery, etc).

Over the years, he’s experimented with different timeframes, from two 8-minute sessions per week to only 8 minutes of exercise every 3 weeks, and learned from his data that one 8-min workout per week is optimal for his muscle growth.

Learn more about ARX here.

Robin Weis — Friday nights in 2013 vs 2014

Inspired by the “what’s your typical Friday night?” OkCupid question, Robin dove into her last two years of journal data to answer the question as accurately as possible.

In doing so, she was surprised to see how her Friday nights have changed between those two years. 2014 Robin spends her time with different people at different places doing different things than 2013 Robin.

Here’s how 2014 Robin spent her Friday nights:

Learn more here (and check out her cool interactive visualization).

That’s it for now. Looking forward to another meetup next month!