Richard Feynman, one of the most famous physicists of all time, once said:

“If we look in a glass of wine closely enough, we see the entire universe.”

I love the work of Richard Feynman. He’s a brilliant thinker, Nobel prize winner, and incredible explorer of the laws of our Universe.

But I didn’t know what he meant by that statement.

I’m deeply interested in exploring our understanding of the Universe and our experience of Reality. …

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Every day for the past year, our team at Dry Farm Wines has gathered at 10:00 am for our morning ritual. Although meditation in a company setting might seem like an unconventional practice, it’s being implemented on a significant scale by some of the world’s most innovative companies.

In this article, I’m going to describe the daily meditation and gratitude practice used by my team and show you how to get started with yours.

The beginning of our day: an example

An outside observer would see ten adults sitting in a dark room, eyes closed, silent.

Fifteen minutes pass in quiet meditation.

In time, one person breaks the silence. “Put your hand on your heart. Feel the life that beats there.” …

Other people are everywhere.

They bump against you on the sidewalk, sit next to you on the bus, chew loudly on salads at nearby tables, jump up and down at the gym, guzzle beers at the bar, try selling you things you don’t need, ask if you need help, take your order, avoid your gaze, drive you around, let you drive them around …

How do you view all these people?

As dangerous?

Like a bag of knives.

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As mildly inconvenient and a little smelly?

Like garbage cans on trash day.

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As boring things?

Like the signs and light posts you avoid on the sidewalk.

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As sorta interesting?

Like a box of books you rummage through to find a few titles that interest you. …


Mark Moschel

Partner and Health Evangelist at @DryFarmWines. Aspiring writer with 3rd-grade drawing abilities. @Bulletproofexec conference emcee. Previously CTO @Factor75.

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