THE Boards

My next few entries will be about seemingly random conversations leading towards the Board exams. I am posting this in the hope that people can see that God’s faithfulness is evident every step of the way.

Convo 3: High[er] ways

I dislike the feeling of coming back to something you thought was already fixed.

I had one of the best times of my life in my month in Malaysia. It was beautiful. The food, exquisite. The people, hospitable. The experience, one of a kind. It deserves a series on its own. But before I left for KL, I made sure that all my documents for the Board exam were in order. I lined up for my requirements, paid for stuff, and just waited for the right time to submit them.

June 11, afternoon.

If the Facebook group were an actual room, it would be empirically chaotic. Our last block president dropped a bomb on all of us. There was one other requirement we had to process. This requirement was no joke either. It had to be processed at least one month in advance.

I was 2,469 kilometers away. Completely powerless because the transaction somehow had to be personal because to process that you need other requirements.

I was in a bad position. It was like running away from a boulder. You decide to enter a cave for safety thinking that you’ve escaped only to find out that there were 300 angry wasp hives or 30 venomous snakes or just three gigantic spiders, (as if one wasn’t bad enough.) I just knew that I was in a bad position.

Due to delays on multiple ends, (a lot of them I caused) I was able to submit and request all of the stuff needed. There was just one problem. The CAV document took a month to process. 3 weeks at the very least. It was July 22. So if you did the math, I should have mine by the 15th of August.

The deadline for submissions for board examines was at the 10th of August. Bottom line, I was dead. I wouldn’t make it.

I prayed a dozen short prayers, and a handful long ones hoping that by some miracle my documents would be processed.

On the 29th of July, I went to school hoping that something changed. It was an act of faith, which in this case meant not waiting for evidence to act upon something, to visit the records office to ask once again.

“Oh, Muleta? Yeah I submitted that already. You can pick it up on the 5th of August.”

5th?!! Not 15th???!! 5th??? Just less than two weeks since I applied??

I WAS going to make it.

In this movie where the giant spiders were breathing down my neck, it wasn’t up to me to save myself. His strength is different from my strength, (Thank God) and even if I shoot myself on the foot by delaying the timeline, He vows to carry me to safety. His timetable is different from our daily schedule. He is God, not limited by the imaginary boundaries (time) and self determined valuables (money) we have placed in order for order to exist. He is God in the midst of our disorderliness.

Insert Isaiah 55:8–9

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