AWS Certified Security Specialty
Geoff Baskwill

In all fairness, I usually laugh or at the very least smile before dropping the gauntlet.

More importantly, I think that you’ve got more than enough experience that if you put in the work to prepare there is a good chance you’ll pass.

And the worst case scenario here is that you don’t pass. You still will learn a lot from the process of studying and covering the latest material.

There is no stigma associated with not passing. This is a beta exam where AWS will be learning as much from those taking the exam as we will studying for it. There isn’t a large body of published resources or any classes that you can take to prep…yet (looking at you A Cloud Guru).

Added bonus if you write on Monday, you get to watch the eventual breakdown of Adrian Cantrill. Fingers crossed there isn’t too much math on the exams because he obviously hasn’t done the sums. It calls one’s sanity into question volunteering for up to 9 hours of exams!


PS > I totally would’ve joined Adrian Cantrill and the other #triplecertmonday folks but I have a few too many meetings in the afternoon and am delivering CMP305 on Tuesday!