17 Useful Websites

Originally appeared on my blog: http://svejk.co

  • Binge Clock — This site tells you how much time it takes to binge-watch a TV show (with our without commercials).
  • Two Foods — While on diet use this little tool to compare two foods.
  • Online Alarm Clock — In case you don’t have your mobile near to you.
  • How Long to Read — Find out how long it takes to read your next book. Search over 12 million books!
  • Fake Name Generator — In case you need fake (but real looking) informations about yourself to register at a website.
  • Word Frequency Counter — It is always a good idea to check if you don’t overuse a word while writing any kind of paper.
  • Online Proofreader — Another awesome site to use while writing an essay. It check for grammar and spelling errors also makes a plagiarism check. After the analysis it even assigns a grade.
  • Eat This Much— This useful site automatically creates meal plans for you.
  • Print Friendly — Make websites printer friendly.
  • Compressor.io — Compress and optimize your images online. Reduce the size of images up to 90%!
  • Icon Finder — Search trough almost 1 million icons and use them for (mostly) free!
  • Trello — Organize just about anything using cards.
  • HTML to PDF — Convert any website to PDF.
  • Fax Zero — If you have to send fax this is a free solution, right in your browser! Free to send within the US and Canada, but for a little fee you can send fax worldwide.
  • Snopes — This site will tell you if the urban legend you just heard is true or false.
  • What The Font — In case you want to know what kind of font a website or document is using.
  • Newsmap — Popular news from various websites.

More lists of lesser known websites can be found on my blog.

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