Ad Blocking and the Future of the Web
Jeffrey Zeldman

I’ll think it is an interesting development that’s in line with what happens in the world of braodcasting where commercial driven cable stations are challenged by subscription based models like Netflix and HBO. The steps Apple is taking lead me to the thought that we are on the verge for micropayments for content. Here in The Netherlands a company called Blendle is taking micropayments for the articles in allmost all Dutch and German newspapers and a growing number of magazines. It’s a service I fell in love with from the beginning and gladly pay for good articles and the curation of news and written content.

I see a future where users get the choice to pay for content with a simple micropayment or a button that disables the ad blocker. Advertisers and marketeers should become more intelligent about serving me the right ads of banners that better suit my needs as a consumer.