Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Without this holiday, many of us would never wear new socks! All joking aside, dad’s across America love any gift from socks to ball caps or no gift at all. Being your dad is the gift.

So if you’re stressing out over finding the perfect gift, remember the best gift of all is getting to be your dad.

Having said that, if you feel absolutely compelled to get a gift, don’t waste large amounts of money on just anything. The smallest gifts are usually the best. Has your dad mentioned anything out of the ordinary?

The best example I can offer is the blog that you’re reading. This blog is the result of the smallest of gifts — a book. Three years ago this weekend my daughters gave me Michael Hyatt’s Platform for Father’s Day. I had been kicking around the notion of blogging, and they must have been paying attention. Reading that book is what got me past hemming and hawing to scratching and sniffing.

Thanks girls! I will forever be grateful for that book, because it is a gift that keeps on giving. I am still writing, learning, and blogging. And each time I log in, I think of you all.

Happy Father’s Day!

Originally published at marknoldy.com on June 19, 2015.

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