Isn’t kinda like the problem you were pointing out a few paragraphs earlier?! /hummm
Erick Patrick

Hey Erick,

well not excatly, i might have given you the wrong impression while whining about S/O. My point was not that we should turn it into an encyclopedia that explains every single detail about a concept. That is why the phaenomenal exists.

My point was that as soon someone responds with a half-assed solution which “kinda” works (or even better a black box library) , the discussion ends, thus we are not able to learn anything new from somone, or maybe even in some cases create a non documented solution, like we did in the case of iOS momentum recration.

I do not argue that this aprticular culture is non existant in S/O, there are true gems, but i simply wish that there are more of them. That is one od the reasons i felt the need to share stuff like this on medium. If i spent hours or days to find something out, i hope that in this way i will save someone other that same struggle.

Standing on the shoulders of giants and whatnot ;)
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