Goldman Sachs — embodying Fagan of Oliver Twist more than ever…

Fagan (Oliver Twist 1948)

The vandalism by Goldman’s as co-authors of the global financial market collapse, now rises again, aiming squarely at crypto and all the little guys in there who just want more than what the current societal and institutional construct is willing to let them have.

Goldman Sachs dumps its Bitcoin trading desk ‘plans’, not because it was ever going to run one, but because it wants to distribute negative sentiment in the crypto economy.

Much like what its sub-prime mortgage business did to the world in 2008, Goldman Sachs takes another swipe at the small investor, with the clear knowledge that if they create misery, the US taxpayer will continue to be forced to support them.

After all, its only due to the US$10 billion loan that US taxpayers provided them that Goldman’s is still able to operate a business. So this is just their way of saying thanks to you, just like Fagan would.

Here’s why they have slid the knife in this time, Goldman Sach’s revenue from IPO’s was $7.2 billion in 2017, their most profitable business, and ICO’s have taken 45% market share away from Goldman Sachs in Q2 2018.

As blockchain continues its unassailable advance to disrupt the old and festering paragons, money continues to run from the Fagan’s, straight to the crypto market.

So take heart fellow crypto crusaders, its the peoples money that drives the world and through trickle up, makes institutions like Goldman’s rich. At least these actions let us know we are hurting them, so keep up the good fight and take it to them.

This phenomenon gains another gear with innovations like EOS and its drive to mass adoption of crypto, and on its way, delivering a platform to bring about the democracy of capital and fair play. With that sunrise on its way, we can all one day enjoy watching the Fagan’s of the investment world wither and die under the beam of that sunlight.

We at Cycoin believe in this and joined forces to help building the road to democracy of capital.

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