The problem with London guilt
Nick Barron

I’ve read and re-read this and I can’t quite work out your point.

There is some Brexit arguements in there that I’d vaguely agree with but what’s all this “London Guilt” stuff?

It seems to be that if you live in London and are in the incredibly privileged position to feel guilty for other parts of the U.K. (how sickening patronising), but also haven’t spent much time in other parts to know that they don’t give a fuck what a Londoner thinks, then you should relax.

I was particularly lost but your summary, which left me even more confused. So I’ve addressed each point.

1 “Stop writing articles telling the rest of country that no-one can afford to live in London” that may be easy for a senior executive in communications to say but for most people the concept of buying in London is as far from reality as going to the moon. Why exactly can’t people share their frustration at that?

2: About celebrating success of all UK. How often do you go to places out of London and show long do you stay there? Each area in the UK is fighting tooth and nail to get eyes on their successes but the interest is limited to the locality unless it’s a slow news day.

3: Come again?

If you’re going to quote Maslow it’s probably worth remembering that self actualisation is the top of the pyramid, I suspect most struggling Londoners are hardly there yet.

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