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So, Trump’s “a despicable human being and the people who have voted for him are one of just a few things: 1.) disgusting vile humans or 2.) been duped or 3.) stupid.”
And yet you think reacting to people who voted for him via the incredibly effortless act of taking distance on social media is something only a clueless and condescending prick would suggest.
So he’s the pussy-grabbing disgusting and vile human being and yet I am more deserving of your hostility than the people who voted for him. Well that makes a lot of sense.
Sorry, I reject the notion that anyone voted for Trump out of any rational embrace of particular policy positions. (Build a wall? Mexico will pay for it? SERIOUSLY?) I think, rather, we have arrived at a sorry state of affairs where half of the electorate has come to hear incoherence as truth and making sense as lying. It’s why Sanders would have lost like Clinton did — because he could actually lay out an argument, a platform — hell complete a sentence. Way too suspicious for American who thought insulting a p.o.w. for getting caught in the first place was a delightful display of straight-talking authenticity.
I think Trump won because when the rural white men who voted for him overwhelmingly heard “Make America Great Again” as “I’ll make you feel like your accidents of birth are accomplishments again.” A free upgrade to first class at coach prices. Magic!
But what do I know, I’m a hopelessly condescending coastal libtard who thinks neo-fascist ignorant tribalist racist xenophobes can go fuck themselves for foisting this ignorant, incompetent goon on the rest of us and the world at large. Don’t I realize they get to behave with utter irresponsible idiocy and I’m supposed to be oh-so-understanding? 
Sorry, THAT would be condescending. These jack-assholes need to be accountable for their jackasshole choices. Defriending them is the very least we can do — they actually all deserve to have the shit slapped out of them for terminal idiocy, then deported to Stupidland.

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