going through your comments.
Graham Skelly

Your question makes no sense. It would have been Cruz vs Clinton or Trump vs Clinton. The choice would never be Trump vs Cruz.
You are trying to say, I take it, that you viewed Clinton as negatively as I view Cruz, so that I will at least understand what the choice was like for you. I get it. You really, really, despise Clinton. But that still requires me to buy into the preposterous notion that Clinton and Cruz are remotely comparable. That you could even get to a place of viewing them as equally horrible strikes be as so irrational that I’m afraid the comparison does not further your argument, at least for me.
And you didn’t address any of the last part of my comment.
 Clearly that’s not the conversation you want to have. Instead, you want to me to somehow be convinced that Hillary would have been just as toxic a choice as Trump. Ain’t going to happen. 
But I’m not going to bother try to refute every argument you make, either. 
I lost a million man-hours arguing with #NeverHillary’s last year. Not going to lose a million more. I get it. Your opinions have been duly noted.
I’m sure you can find other insufficiently leftist apologists for the Democratic party elsewhere to torment somewhere else on the internet.

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