5 reasons to start lifting

Photo taken by me at my local gym, Tucuman, Argentina.

Whether you are an active person already engaging in sport activities or someone who is just starting out, this article may be of some value to you. My aim here is to make you reconsider your fitness and health strategies. Are your goals being met? Are you achieving optimal results?

All sports bring some benefits to the table when it comes to your health, there’s no arguing about it. Nevertheless, there’s something special about strength training that just makes it different. The good thing is that you can always mix it into your current fitness routine.

Without any further ado, let’s go right into the 5 advantages of weight lifting:

1. It makes you stronger

This could be a great help to your daily activities. Besides, on top of increasing muscle mass, weight lifting also increases bone mineral density and strengthens connective tissue. This leads to a much lower risk of injury as well as a decreased risk of osteoporosis.

2. It helps you lose fat

That’s right. Gaining lean muscle tissue increases your metabolism, which translates into more calories being burnt throughout the day. This way, lowering your body fat percentage becomes easier. You should also remember that if you cut calories without exercise, you will lose both fat AND muscle. That’s not the way to go!

5. It will make you eat better

In the gym, what starts as discipline becomes habit. This can translate into all areas of your life, particularly dieting. Besides, you don’t want to throw all that effort out the window, do you?

4. It improves body image and posture

A consistent training program can help improve your range of motion, coordination, and the strength of the muscles that keep you upright. You won’t only look toned and lean, but also taller. Clothes will also fit you better which will make you appear even more confident.

5. It makes you feel better about yourself

Resistance training is good for the body AND the mind. A weight that once looked impossible to lift will with time and effort feel as light as a feather. Conquer your goals in the gym and watch your self confidence skyrocket.

So? What are you waiting. Get to some weights and get working!

Until next time!


Originally published on Tumblr