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An Investigation into ‘Order’ and ‘Chaos’ within the context of design.


The forthcoming essay will be written as an investigation into what we consider as Order (a capital ‘O’ will be used to revert to the theme throughout) and Chaos (capitalised for the same reasons), to understand our need for both, I will initially start by identifying the origins of each, their connections to each other and examples of their presence on a wider scale. From there, links taken from such philosophies might inform the reasons behind our urge to establish Order when confronted with Chaos and to see where these instincts lead us. Order will be observed in design through…

for ‘How must we design responsibly for the future?’


The methodologies of research directed towards investigating the topics of the thesis have predominantly been through reading texts of design philosophy, the history of design, as well as particular non-fiction novels that illustrate design attitudes playing out. Vital also in the research process have been documentaries about certain designers and their opinions and additionally, about design initiatives by notable figureheads from the likes of silicon valley. For probing further into more precise issues, internet research has been conducted to extract information and imagery to support ideas, discussions and evidence.

Reading Review

Integral in the structural debates of the thesis have been several…


My Grandfather’s Hoover is now almost 60 years old. It still runs the same way it always has, so he continues to use it the same way he always has — this might not seem so significant to him, but to me, it’s pretty incredible.

It isn’t that I have an oddly excitable interest in vacuums — I don’t, rather; I am blown away with the possibility that an ordinary household commodity can (and proceeds to) last for such an enormous amount of time. With my generation, or even my parents’, seldom would we expect, nevermind encounter, a design that…

Mark O'Neill

Designer / Chelsea College of Art Graduate

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