Introduction to American Delusions

Delusion — a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact….

This website is devoted to casting new light on the delusions of American life. It provides facts and analysis to critique idealized, theoretical thinking that usually serves to shield the activities of those seeking to gain advantage over others. You will find plenty of references to academic and journalistic writing as well as links to videos of lectures and clever explanations of the delusions.

To get started read Delusions of American Life first.

Then, see the keystone essay, “What Is Capitalism and Why Do We Need to Understand It?”

Or just poke around among the delusions. Each one is introduced by a brief essay then illustrated and expanded by the postings that follow.

This work is ongoing. You will find sparse offerings for some topics, others will have dozens of postings going back several years.

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Originally published at American Delusions.