It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Your despicable candidate lost because people in this country that don’t live under a rock, as you obviously do, are sick and tired of being poisoned by the water they deserve to drink, they are being shot in the face by rubber bullets for standing up against the Neocon private corporate interest that have rule the Republican and democratic parties since Nixon got us out of the Gold Standard and the bankers took over this world. The young voters feel disenfranchise coming out of college with
amounts of debt to a depleted job market, every time they see a cop kill an unarmed black man in Facebook, or the apathy your great president, Obummer is displaying towards the people in standing rock or Syria. You have the audacity and I must ad, illusion, that they let down your precious system because of a conspiracy that brought out misinformation. Well, you are an idiot that can write eloquently, but none the less an idiot trying to blame the good people of this country for voting their believes and not for your misguided views in the world YOU live in. wake up to the reality that you have been another pawn in the game of politics, words are like bullets, they can kill and once they leave your mouth or pen, those words will be there to define you, just like this propagandist essay will define you as a corporate “shill”, although in this case, I rather use the word “whore”, it fits and sound better, doesn’t it

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