From there to here, for us!

all images taken by Marko Sommer and are copyrighted by Marko Sommer(Kp&D)

A long look at the interaction between the architecture of human existence and the ones on display, architectured by us, entertainment, survival, explotation.

At times, deep scars are visible, emotional torture, existence, almost gone, emotional instability, longing for ‘home’. We all suport this behaviour, we are all part of the problem, yet the solution remains far too dark and perhaps unattainable?

Who told them, that life will be spent in a cage? Who gave us the right to put them there? The far reach sky opened, only to be obstructed by the steel architecture of a man.

A sole purpose, to entertain, to exploit, to undermine the sole existence of living things, other then us, to manipulate and exterminate the norm by which mother nature nurtured.

And sometimes, the lone corner is the best place to be. No-where to run, the walls, too high to jump over. There is a wire, electrified.

It is a lone existence. Often wondering, what would become of these creatures, these animals, these beasts, these wild, ‘untamed’ creatures, if one day, they found themselves back in the forests and the trees in the depths of the Amazon jungle, the rivers that flow from north to deep south, the plains of Africa?

And what if we would could actually do that? If we would bring this natural element back to their natural element?

And what if we could make this our own element? A new and grand display of human nature? To nurture, exploit, show and wonder?

Behind the window, the back rooms, I know is good. I know there has to be good. Right?

I leave, with somewhat unease, overtime. So why do I keep coming back? Why are these places so fascinating, so captivating, so engaging? Should there be more to this story, should this architecture of explotation be more or less exploting and more engaging with every particle of society and natural element? Maybe.

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