u: lack of face-to-face communication

  1. We don’t communicate in person anymore; we don’t communicate in person because we’re either scared or we don’t know how to; we’re either scared or we don’t know how to because we’re not used to it; we’re not used to it because we never have the chance to practice it; we never have the chance to practice it because we’re always behind a screen; we’re always behind a screen because technology has taken over our lives.

2. Most individuals are connected to technology and the Internet at all times one way or another. Those who somehow manage to disconnect seem odd to the rest of us.

3. For all its benefits, technology can completely rewrite a child’s brain pathways in a very different way than how they would normally develop.

4. Kids who spend more time engaging with a screen than with other kids or adults can struggle to understand emotion, create strong relationships or become more dependent on others.

5. We are losing more than our ability to interact; we are imparting on the youth of society the idea they can do everything through their bits and pieces of technology and access to the Internet

6. Kids want to be hugged and touched, they don’t want to be texted.

7. The problem was not the will to communicate, but the effort we put into it. Facebook is more convenient than anything else — a problem I eventually realized — and because almost everyone (our age) we encounter uses it, it is the prime force of communication.

8. There are functions for filtering content, for excluding foul language and even to block a person from communicating all together. We are learning to communicate within new confines as well as societies with few boundaries. As we’ve become more comfortable with these changes in communication they’ve begun stretching beyond the computer into the real world.

9. Some people aren’t as comfortable talking in person as they are texting; they don’t have their emojis to back them up.

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