The Right Strategy To Buy Projector Lamps In Canada

From being confined to movie theaters to becoming a household and corporate necessity, projectors have come a long way in the past two decades. Rapid technological innovations have made the machine a lot more compact and cheaper than it’s predecessor which is also one of the primary reasons for its increased ownership.

If you own a projector, one of the components, which you need to replace from time to time to ensure optimum viewing of images and videos is the projector lamp. Just like any other regular bulb, projector lamps also come with an expected life span after which its performance starts deteriorating and eventually it stops functioning.

An old projector bulb can abruptly end your important business presentation or conference. Hence, it is essential to replace the bulb at the right time to ensure uninterrupted viewing of videos and pictures. One of the major hurdles faced by buyers of projector bulbs is the unexpected price of OEM bulbs. To get the best and reliable genuine replacement projector bulbs, people have to pay exorbitant amounts of money.

An important concern for every buyer is where to buy projector lamps at reasonable prices. The only solution to this problem is to look for a credible seller who is known to sell Genuine OEM projector lamps at affordable prices. Here are a few points you should keep in mind to buy the right product.

Identify The Type Of Projector Lamp

Projector lamps are built considering the make and functionality of the specific projector. Hence, it is essential to know the exact model of the projector to buy the right bulb. Here are some of the common types of projector lamps.

● Home Theater projector lamps
● Multimedia projector lamps
● Larger venue projector lamps.

Lamp Hours

Typically, high-quality projector lamps last from 2000 to 4000 hours in normal operating conditions. It is essential to find out the expected lamp hours to determine the quality of the lamp for reliable functioning. Analyze your daily usage to make the right selection.
Don’t be fooled by compatible lamp suggesting that they last as long as genuine original lamps, the truth is they’re not as bright and they don’t last as long


Look for a credible manufacturer who is known for selling genuine OEM projector lamps in Canada. Read online reviews and testimonials to gather all the relevant information. Have a look at the range of the inventory because credible sellers maintain a massive inventory to make sure that they have lamps for every model.


Compare prices online to get the best deal. 
So head online and make the purchase.

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