My 2017 Goals for the Web and Beyond

We all know New Year’s resolutions barely stretch past January, which is why I’m writing mine on the 5th and not the 1st. After a full week back at work, I thought of a some goals I’d like to accomplish this year — like actually do, not just have in mind. There’s plenty beyond this list, but I’ll be happy if these happen:


  • Make an authenticated thing people can use in the wild
  • Build out to show projects and tell my story better
  • Write a weekly blog post (about anything) every Friday
  • Redo to include accounts and membership


  • Learn and collaborate more on Slack; gossip and waste time less
  • Say “Hi!” to people I don’t know in the office
  • Write daily to-do lists on paper that stare me in the face
  • Give a talk on something I’ve learned


  • Carve out more time to maintain relationships
  • Go snowboarding at least a couple times
  • Hike more this summer
  • Eat less sugar and carbs
  • Meet people in our neighborhood/town